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                Q= QUESTION

                A= ANSWER

Q. What are the technical Specifications of Accunock.

A. Please visit our Technical Specification page. Patent #7,189,170

Q. How much do Accunocks weigh?

"S" Accunock = 13.5 Grains

"X" Accunock = 13.0 Grains

"G" Accunock = 7.5  Grains

"PIN" Accunock = 5.5 Grains

Q. is your nock only made for hunting?

A. No, Accunock is made for ALL bows and almost every arrow. Every one of your arrow nocks should be an Accunock; Hunting, Target, and 3D Shoot. Because Every shot counts, every arrow should be backed by Accunock.

Q. I have some play when I nock my arrow to my string. My other nocks don't do this, why?

A. Great question! This is done on purpose. Almost every nock in the world fits way too tight to your bow string. This causes arrow lift (when you draw your bow back and the arrow lifts off your rest). Some archers use a wisker bisket or a drop away arrow rest to eliminate this.  With Accunock your arrow will never lift off your arrow rest. Accunock does not pinch the string, it encapsulates it in a cradle. That little play you see when Accunock is nocked to your string literally solves several problems that have existed in archery for centuries.

1. Eliminates arrow lift 

(when you draw your bow back and the arrow lifts off your rest). 

2. Accunock will stay attached to the string even when doing multiple draw cycles before a shot. (See something and decide not to shoot? No problem. Your arrow will stay attached to you string)

3. Accunock fits tight when it should, AT FULL DRAW. Think of it this way; your bow string is straight when you nock your arrow to it. Now draw your bow back, that string is now curved. Accunock is designed to have some play when nocked but fit tight when you fire your shot. 

Q. Hi, if I don't want to fire my arrow, how do I get Accunock off my string.

A. Simply use your thumb and push the Accunock off your string. Accuncoks are designed to stay on your string no matter what until you are ready to fire your shot. If you change your mind and want to un nock just push it off with your thumb.

Q. I want to get my kids into archery. Is your nock "kid friendly"?

A.  Accunock sponsors camps and events that are catered to young adults. Kids love them because they are so user friendly and they love the "Cool" colors. Kids love the sound Accunock makes when it "Clicks" on their string, as a parent it's a good feeling because you know that your kids arrow will not fall off during drawback and with no arrow lift Accunock eliminates many frustrations of the new up and coming archer. Some of our proudest Accunock moments come from watching a four year old nail their target with a 20 lb. bow.

Q. I like the idea of your nocks but they seem to cost more then my other nocks.

A. It kind of goes with the saying; you get what you pay for. Almost all nocks made today are made of cheap plastic by the 10's of thousands per day in China. Accunocks are 100 percent made in the USA. We mold our own products right here in Colorado. We buy our Lexan (10x more expensive than regular plastic) from a maker in Mississippi. We have a quality control department that we have hand picked from some of the best companies in the industry. Accunocks like Ferrari, are made by hand not by machine. Each and every Accunock is assembled by one of our top quality control technicians.

Q. I like to hunt in the winter and sometimes my nock breaks when shot. I'm looking for a more durable nock.  Do you make a winter nock? 

A. All Accunocks are made from Lexan, This material is tough. Try this! Put an Accunock in the freezer for a month then take it out and shoot it. There will be no difference between that Accunock and one that has not been in the freezer. To answer your question; YES! You have found the nock you are looking for.

Q. Hi,  I recently shot your accunocks over the weekend and I noticed that two of them would not nock on my string afterwards. My grouping was tighter than ever. The inner nocks on the two were stuck in the open position, Can I use wd40 to make them come back?

A. Thank you for your question. We at Accunock are driven to make the worlds most Accurate nock. Although we made our first Accunocks for hunting, many target shooters have come to love Accunock for its reliable accuracy as well. We at Accunock have perfected what we believe to be the most accurate arrow nock in the world. Although Accunock is made from Lexan and Delrin (very tough Thermoplastics), Accunock is not indestructible. It is subject to the same dangers of any other nock if it were hit from behind with another arrow. We have seen many Accu-hoods (as we call them) and We have also seen countless Allmost-hoods. This is when another arrow hits the back of an Accunock forcing the inner nock to jam forward or breaking all togetter. If the Derin inside piece is broken This means the Accunock is broken and it will need to be replaced.  

     The Accunock will continue to work perfectly if you can nock your arrow to your string. Even if the inner nock is pushed foward. The truth is with every other nock its easy to tell if the nock is damaged. It tears one ear off, cracks or it shatters. With Accunock the Lexan can't shatter so its important to inspect every nock including Accunock before shooting. If the inner tab is stuck forward (to the point your arrow no longer nocks on your string) or broken after inspection, throw it away and replace with a fresh Accunock. 

Remember, Accunock is an Accuracy nock. If you are going to shoot groups with them, it's a fact your groups will get tighter, but you might break some Accunocks. If the inner piece is damaged in any way the Accunock must be thrown away and replaced with a new Accunock.

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